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…Raise the Stakes

The Belmont Stakes are finally here and with them the possibility of a Triple Crown. The odds that another horse joins this elite club are long, but it’s hard not to get caught up in the excitement. Read the rest of this entry


…tip your hat

edgar_degas_-_the_millinery_shop_-_google_art_projectHappy Derby Day!

It’s a day for hats, horses, mint juleps, and the beginning of the few weeks of the year when I pay attention to horse racing.
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…Paint The Town Red

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

And because nothing says Mexican independence like a bunch of rich people in huge hats racing their million dollar ponies—Happy Derby Day!

Yes, it’s once again that special time of year when we all pretend to know and care about horse racing.

In its 138th running, the hats are still huge and the horses names still crazy.

Highlights this year include Bodemeister (favorite overall), Daddy Long Legs, Daddy Nose Best, Alpha, My Adonis, Optimizer, Liaison, I’ll Have Another, Sabercat, Done Talking, El Padrino, Gemologist, Rousing Sermon, Union Rags, Went the Day Well, Prospective…okay, so they’re pretty much all awesome names, with the exception of the suprisingly normal named—Hansen.

Because races are only fun if you feel personally invested (even if you’re not) this year’s 2WC’ favorite is Hansen. Because even the boring named horses need some love.

Here’s to a good race and a happy Cinco de Derby!


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…finish strong

…always a great day for victory…even if you’re the only one racing…

It’s been said, it’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game.

Well that’s all well and good, except the truth of the matter is some times you win and sometimes you lose.

We’re all on either side at some point.

It’s an important life lesson.  You can’t always win.

So I have a question for you equal-opportunists out there.  When did simply participating become trophy worthy?

I’m all for building confidence and appreciating effort, but life isn’t fair, and you have to learn that at some point.

Not everyone’s a star athlete, or student, or performer…although a few acting careers seem to disprove this one…

Yes, effort should be applauded, but not awarded.

The important thing is that our failures inspire and shape us…not completely elude us.

Personally, I’m on the side of the winners and losers.  This honorable mention trend is all well and good, but it’s glorifying participation and creating false expectations for life.

Being overly competitive may be unattractive, but a world with no competition is a scary thought.

Competition is a natural thing (just ask Darwin).  It’s the way of the world and all living things.

So whether you’re working, or learning, or about to start a two-day bike ride, give it your all but remember:

Winning isn’t everything…but it sure is a lot more fun than losing.,,or worse…honorable mentioning.


“Not Every Kid Deserves a Prize”: Family Circle

…bi-daily smile…

…oh Glee  you teach us so many important lessons…

…bet on it

...and they're off

I’m a fairly cautious person (not overly).  I look both ways before crossing the street, wear my sunscreen, and double-knot my running shoes.

I like the security that comes with a double-check and a back-up plan.

And with the Triple Crown starting this weekend my mind naturally goes to gambling, both in the track sense and in life.

Obviously I’m not much of a gambler, but I know there are times when risks need to be taken.  And there are times when risks break through even the tightest of schedules.

For instance, you never know when a seven mile run might become an obstacle course.  You’d be surprised how quickly a St. Bernard can cut you off.

And as a cyclist nearly took out my knees (true story), what would have been the resulting trip to the ER flashed before my eyes.

Of course in a miraculous stream of consciousness I managed to then connect this to horse racing.  All while limping to the drinking fountain as my attacker sped off.

Do I think it was a vicious attack? No.  But you don’t come within inches of running someone over (while speeding on the wrong side of the path) and not say anything.

Anyways, back to my gambling analogy.

What’s life without risks?

Luckily I walked (jogged) away from that cyclists gamble unscathed, but let’s face it, that’s not always the case.

Never forget the losing side.  A side that requires just as much grace as the winners.  No one likes a sore winner or loser.

But I suppose that even with the threat of loss we remember the risks more than the safe choices.

I’m not promoting reckless behavior, or saying that I’m going to stop double-checking and looking both ways.  But what’s life if not one big gamble?

And now, it’s off to the races (on television)…until Monday.

…bi-daily smile…