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…feel the pressure

It’s crunch time, crusaders. We’re down to the final days of the Olympics and, as if that wasn’t enough, the final countdown to the Oscars is upon us.

Starting tomorrow, the drama of the rink and the slopes is swapped for the front lines of WWII (twice)…the Nixon-era newsroom…1960s Baltimore…the Italian countryside in the 80s…1950s post-war London…the suburbs…Sacramento…and southern Missouri… Read the rest of this entry


…Power Through

ice hockey goal GIF by NBC OlympicsIn some ways, it’s hard to believe we’re already three-quarters of the way through the way through the 2018 Olympics. In others, it’s felt like an eternity.

Over the last week and a half, there’s been a constant flurry of Olympic action. It can be hard to know where to look when everything seems to be happening at the same time.

Tonight, that decision will be a little bit easier for the U.S. and Canada as the women’s hockey teams go head to head for Olympic gold. Read the rest of this entry

…break the ice

This Tuesday, some of us find ourselves staring down a four-day week, and likely need all of the motivation we can get.

Lucky for us, we’re in the middle of the Olympic Games, one of the most universally motivating global events, so we don’t have to look too far.

And as easy as it is to be inspired by the victories, what I find almost more inspiring is seeing how these stars recover from their failures, and nowhere is that more immediate than in figure skating and ice dancing. Read the rest of this entry

…Feel the Rhythm

winter olympics fox GIF by Animation Domination High-DefOne week into the 2018 Winter Olympics there have been plenty of triumphs and disappointments. The thing about the Olympics is that at its heart it is not about winning, it’s about humanity coming together. Which is why it feels appropriate that Random Act of Kindness Day falls right in the middle.

Much like the Olympics, Random Act of Kindness Day reminds us to see the best in those around us.  Read the rest of this entry

…Win Hearts

Happy Pyeongchang 2018 GIF by NBC Olympics

The Olympics are about many things. They’re about building bonds, strengthening friendships, making new connections, the spirit of competition, and, to a certain degree, winning.

Of course, even at the Olympics, there are different types of winning.  Yes, there’s the glory of standing on the podium, and accepting a medal (and stuffed tiger) that validates all hard work you’ve put in. But if Twitter has taught us nothing else, you don’t have to win a medal to win the hearts (or at least the snark) of the viewing public.  Read the rest of this entry