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…Have Some Fun

Happy Father’s Day! I’ll keep this short since I know all the awesome dads out there have things to do or not do (it’s your day, no judgement).

To those who are dads, thanks for being the outstanding fathers you are. To those who are children of those same dads, don’t forget to visit or at least call them.

In honor of Father’s Day this #SundayFunday is all about fathers (and father figures) of the Pixar variety.

Thanks for all that you do. Enjoy your day, and these videos celebrating dads like you. Read the rest of this entry


…Get Reel

As we head into Earth Day weekend Flick Friday is going green. It’s not easy being green, but it is easy to find a green-themed movie.

Some are more subtle with their messages than others. Whether they’re painting with all the colors of the wind or trying to outrun the effects of climate change taking care of our planet comes up a lot in the cinematic world.

Seeing as you can’t possible watch them all (at least not in a weekend), here are a few suggestions to get you in the Earth Day mood. Read the rest of this entry


Happy Golden Globes Sunday!

The time has arrived for us to put forth our predictions. Hollywood’s biggest party will have a decidedly sterner tone than usual as actresses (and we expect most actors too) will take to the red carpet in black in recognition and support of #MeToo and #TimesUp.

While quickly scanning the nominees, the Golden Globes may not appear to have quite caught up with the need for broader representation (particularly in the director category), there are signs of hope. Read the rest of this entry

…Play On

Maybe it’s the presence of a “Frozen” short at the beginning, or perhaps it’s the addition of original songs. Whatever it is, something feels off in Pixar’s latest endeavor, “Coco.”

This colorful feast for the eyes does not fail to entertain, but it lacks that Pixar punch. You know, that swift blow to your emotional gut that had you diving for the tissues during the opening of “Up.” Instead, it feels a lot more like a standard Disney story, with a clearly outlined agenda and a lack of depth.

What “Coco” does have going for it is stunning animation, a wealth of talent in its cast, and a look at a world outside of the usual Pixar fare. Read the rest of this entry

…giddy up

Today, crusaders, we find ourselves between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, a crucial point in the holiday shopping season.

The pros have, I’m sure, been finished for weeks, while the rest of us are now realizing we should probably start thinking about starting.

But this Sunday, which is apparently Shopping Reminder Day, I think we could all benefit from taking a moment to remember the reason for the season… Read the rest of this entry