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…get happy

Happy Sunday, fellow crusaders.

As I’m sure we’re all aware. There’s been a bit of a parade of revelations of the truly awful variety. For some they’ve been soul-shaking shocks, for others they’re confirmation of long-known but hidden truths.

They’re also a reminder to cherish the good. That’s not to say that we should do anything but support the bravery of those coming forward and continue to work for actual change. I mean only that we can’t let the bad consume us because then the bad wins. Read the rest of this entry


…get it write

blur-old-antique-bookAs we all settle into our jingle bells and one-horse open sleighs…or turkeys and pilgrims for those who insist on celebrating the holidays in order, we find ourselves at the start of another important month of the year.

Today marks the second day of National Novel Writing Month. You may recognize it better as its hashtag — #NaNoWriMo. As you can see, it’s compact because nothing matters more to writers than character(s).  Read the rest of this entry

…Draw You In

 disney mickey mouse steamboat willie GIF

Happy Saturday, fellow crusaders! In our neck of the woods it’s the first chilly weekend of autumn.

While it’s sad to see the warmer days of fall go, the cooler temps provide the perfect excuse to do some prep work for the winter hibernation with a binge-viewing weekend. Read the rest of this entry

…shift gears

As is quite often the case, this summer of blockbusters is full of sequels, but not just sequels, sequels coming off of sequels we’d rather forget. Earlier this summer we saw a valiant effort made by “Pirates of the Caribbean” to erase its fourth installment from its story arc, and this week brings us another Disney

So, with Pixar on its side, was “Cars 3” able to overcome some of the oddity of its immediate predecessor? Start your engines, movie lovers, and get ready for one heck of a comeback race. Read the rest of this entry

…Cut Back

Happy Eat What You Want Day…sorry…I can’t even fake the enthusiasm with an exclamation point. Don’t we already celebrate this on Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, and—assuming you’re in charge of your own diet—every single day?

Don’t get me wrong, as followers of the 2WC know, we’re a fan of food holidays. National Cheeseburger Day — I like mine medium. National Ice Cream Day — two scoops please. But Eat What You Want Day leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Read the rest of this entry