…Be Kind

Tomorrow is a significant date in our nation’s recent history. September 11th is both shared and very personal. Simply put, it’s a difficult day. With that in mind, I’m keeping today’s post very simple — be kind. I’ll elaborate.


 Social media addicts, welcome to the next frontier. The time has come to up your sharing game. There’s a new way to share your photos, videos and screenshots, and unlike existing platforms, this one won’t let you pick and choose your favorites. “Shorts,” is its name and over sharing is its game.

…express yourself(ie)

There’s no doubt that social media is a wonderful tool. It’s made the world a smaller place, simplified tasks that were once complex, and generally changed the way we communicate with one another. Having said that, these platforms do regularly highlight some less than desirable traits of humanity. 

…Face the Truth

Don’t look now, but Facebook is raising security issues again. What is it this time? Well, they’re not selling your personal information via Farmville (this time). No, their recent scheme in their quest for global domination involves something much more sinister–facial recognition. Don’t be deceived by their innocent sounding cover story. Trying to make it…