…please hold

Our world has a grand history of “day after” holidays. You’re probably familiar with Thanksgiving’s Black Friday and Christmas’ Boxing Day, but have you heard of Labor Day’s Telephone Tuesday.

…break the habit

We live in an age of distraction. Our attention is being pulled at from just about every direction. This is not news, but it is a problem.

…rub your nose in it

Faithful followers of 2WC will remember a story I shared a few months about scented phone alerts being experimented with over seas, but had yet to be offered here in the US.

…be right back

With the ongoing march of technology some people think we’re all becoming far too attached to our devices, that it’s changed how we see the world, that it’s making us impatient and inattentive.

…call me maybe

On this holiday and inauguration Monday we take a moment to remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., one of the greatest leader of the civil rights movement,and also to look ahead as our country moves forward. Dr. King dreamed of a world where no man (or woman) would be judged by anything other than the…


Smartphones, the gig is up. You could only get away with it for so long. Parading around as though you even remotely resembled the “telephone” of yesteryear. Finally someone has the sense to stand up and denounce you for what you are not. Your accuser? The cell phone service provider. So maybe they didn’t say…