…branch out

Today as we all pause to say goodbye to summer, the world is taking a moment to consider peace for the International Day of Peace. It seems appropriate that we consider such things as the season changes, because, of course, change is what will be required. I hope that if we’ve learned nothing else in the…


Today we’re celebrating International Day of Peace. This UN promoted event is meant to inspire hope and action towards a world free from violence. Given the current global situation, today might as well be called International Day of “We’ll Settle For Thinly Veiled Disapproval of Those Who are Different From Us.”


Today brought the world another senseless act, one that brought tragedy yes, but most importantly (thank goodness) a sense of community.

…Take A Moment

Events like yesterday’s horrific attacks in Paris stir a range of emotions. The anger, sadness, and disbelief can have a polarizing effect. They’ll either tear people apart or bring them closer together. Which is why reactions like last night’s #PorteOuverte are so incredibly significant. Parisians fought back last night with kindness, and refused to give into fear. While…

…garder la porte ouverte

Kindness can come from the smallest of gestures. It takes so little, but can create so much. Today, World Kindness Day, we were all faced with another tragic reminder of its importance.

…put on a happy face

I made a new friend today.  She’s about two and was having a very tough, emotionally exhausting day…swimming lessons…we’ve all been there. My new friend and I bonded over our mutual love of my Tweety Bird towel.  She told me about her day and her travels and in the end she thanked me for letting…