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…Fly High

Happy Flag Day, fellow crusaders! Today marks the 240th anniversary of our flag’s official adoption. That would be June 14, 1777 for those keeping score.

While the look of our flag has changed over the years with the addition of a few more stars here and there, the dream it stands for stays the same. And while it’s clear that we don’t agree on everything, our flag serves as a reminder that we all play  a part in making that dream a reality.

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…Be Self-Evident

IMG_4597Happy Fourth of July Eve! Seeing as this is my last pre-fourth post, I’d thought I’d use today to talk about the US of A.

As we celebrate our country’s 240th birthday, we’re  facing plenty of challenges. Our two-party political system seems to be headed towards a major overhaul. There’s a lot of anger, fear, disappointment, and frustration.

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