…pick and choose

We’re here folks, Oscar Sunday! It’s almost time for all the glamour, drama, and Neil Patrick Harris. With NPH at the helm, no matter who wins or loses, we all win, and probably with¬†a song and dance number or two (please?). Haven’t seen all of the nominees? No worries, you can catch up with our…

…Go Out On A Limb

“Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)” may be the best example of the lack of diversity in this year’s Oscar nominees and the committee that votes on them. Unless you are a white, middle-aged man or someone who is really, really into method acting, it’s hard to find something to connect with in this…

…Hit the Mark

“American Sniper,” shows a side of war that is often overlooked by Hollywood. Clint Eastwood’s film takes a closer look at the invisible¬†scars left by war. “American Sniper,” tells the true story of US Navy SEAL, Chris Kyle.

…puzzle over

The story of Alan Turing was, until the mid 70’s, a completely untold secret as a matter of national security for Great Britain. And I think it’s fair to say (sad, but fair), that until the making of “The Imitation Game” the story remained unknown to most modern audiences. But what a story it is.

…Fill the Gap

We’re one week away from Oscar Sunday! Since we’re sure they’re busy with last-minute preparation, we thought we’d give the Academy a hand. As we’re sure many of you have already noticed, the Academy miscounted their nominees for Best Picture this year (…again). After several years of only 9 nominees, this year has a mere…