…get rolling

It’s here, movie fans. The Oscar nominations have been released, and the rush to see all the Best Picture nominees has officially begun. Of course, this year’s award season has brought with it conversations that go well beyond the films themselves, and it will be interesting (to say the least) to see what else this…


Ready. Set. It’s go time for the 2017 Oscars marathon! This morning the 2017 Oscar Nominees were announced and you have your mission, movie lovers. Nine best picture nominees (holding back my opinion on this…for now), 33 days until Oscar Sunday, start planning accordingly. Hopefully, you have a bit of a headstart with a movie or…

…find the bright side

Well folks, the day has come, the nominees have been set, there’s no turning back now. I for one am choosing to see the positive (and not the two empty slots for best picture nominations). Sure, I could dwell on the fact that five out of the eight nominees are male-driven stories, but I will instead…


This morning the 2015 Oscar nominees were announced, quickly followed by the traditional mourning over this year’s snubs. As is quite often the case, when all of the names were read and the dust settled, there was a certain something missing from the list of nominees.

…make an exception

Just as we’re all coming down from the high of the Golden Globes, the Oscar nominations have arrived. Disappointingly, there’s nothing too shocking to report. Unless you count the mild outrage over all of the inevitable snubs.