…go it alone

Movie fans and hosting enthusiasts were dealt quite a blow this week as the Academy has (basically) confirmed there will be no host for the Oscars this year. Because we don’t get nice things anymore. Yes, even in a world full of perennial award show hosts (Hugh Jackman, Neil Patrick Harris, James Corden, Stephen Colbert…I’m…

…Mix Things Up

Holiday weeks can be a little awkward no matter what. So when the Fourth of July lands on Wednesday, it has the potential to completely disrupt your week. By claiming Wednesday as a day to celebrate it robs the other days of their purpose.

…Get On With The Show

It’s here theater fans! It’s Tony Day! The one day of the year we get to cleverly weave our obsession into popular dialogue. Or at least it was the one day of the year, until NBC launched their live musical series…seriously NBC, just tell us who is playing Peter Pan!

…thin the herd

This Thursday I thought I’d continue my summer of bro-comedies (by coincidence, not choice, but I’m enjoying it more than expected) with a gunslinger of a tale from the mind that brought you “Ted”, and the most inexplicably ill-received hosting of the Oscars ever.

…tell a story worth telling

Tonight, after a nine-season run, television’s “How I Met Your Mother” will come to an end. To say that expectations are high is an understatement. Fans are expecting nothing less than legendary, as befits the story these 9 seasons have told.


Yesterday’s Emmy Awards had plenty of surprises (as evidenced by my 1 for 4 ballot). For those who missed it, here’s a quick summary and my two cents on how the show went. Surprisingly, host, Neil Patrick Harris, did not open the show with a song a dance number.  It was a bold choice which…