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…Nose Best

Happy Red Nose Day! If you haven’t already, you can donate here. If you have no idea what Red Nose Day is, keep reading…and then you can donate here.

This fundraiser to end childhood poverty has been going strong since 2015 in the US (and since 1988 in the UK). Read the rest of this entry



Patrick Randak/NBCLast night a new kind of live television musical swept audiences away. “Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert,” may not have had the most accurate title (it was fully staged), but that didn’t stop it from rocking Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice’s classic rock opera.

From the first electric note through all the buzz to the last shot, they nailed it (too soon?). Read the rest of this entry

…have heaven on our minds

This Easter Sunday, we’re looking up. Not just in observance of the holiday, or to distract from Loyola’s well-fought Final Four loss, but to take in the introduction of (what I hope will be) a new holiday tradition. America, we got a bonafide Easter special (it’s a thing look it up).

After a longer than expected hiatus from its live musical specials, NBC is returning (like certain other somebody) with “Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert.” And I admit when it comes to most things (and especially musical theater) I am an eternal optimist. But I really feel like NBC may have found their sweet spot with this one. Read the rest of this entry

…Stream On

It’s a new year, which means new television. Gone are the days of new series only starting in the fall. Thanks to streaming and cable television, we’re in the golden age of television series.

That being said, all this awesome drama (and comedy) can make it hard to decide what to watch. I know, it’s a rough life. The good (or bad?) news is 2018 is adding even more variety, and welcoming back a few favorites. Read the rest of this entry

…Be Good

This fall television season has seen a lot of new additions, some good and some not so good. But today I’d like to talk about a show that’s in its sophomore season—“The Good Place.”

If you missed the first season of this NBC comedy about the afterlife you can check it out on Netflix, and I suggest you do that now or continue reading at your own risk. In case that wasn’t clear enough, here is your official SPOILER ALERT… Read the rest of this entry