It’s the weekend, which means everything has to get done right now. Right? Yes, there are some who might argue that the weekend is a time to kick back and take it easy, but that never seems to happen. That is especially true at the end of the summer. So, it seems fitting that today…

…find common ground

This Earth Day Eve, crusaders, I thought it would be nice to (at least for a moment) put our differences aside and remember the one thing that all of us have in common. No matter what our beliefs are, what our background is, all of us are from the same place, planet Earth.

…chew it over

If this image has you immediately visualizing adorable marine animals trapped by our trash and itching to grab the scissors and save them from their man-made tragedy, I bring good news. 

…warm to the idea

Happy First Day of Spring! I know, as many of us are looking at more than a few snowflakes in our ten-day forecasts, it’s hard to believe, but technically, it’s spring.

…dive in

With the World Cup (victoriously) behind us, you may be wondering what could possibly fill that television void in your life…or you could be in the middle of a Shark Week bender, and in no need of my help. For the rest of you…it’s Shark Week!