…throw some shades

On this summer Friday eve, let’s take a moment for the accessory of the season. They’re both fashionable and functional. They can make a statement year-round. And if you have blue eyes (i.e. are especially sensitive to light), you probably wear them most days of the year. Happy National Sunglasses Day!

…Reduce the Glare

Summer is in full swing, which means it’s officially sunglass season. Just in case you aren’t already rocking you shades, National Sunglasses Day is here to remind you to protect your peepers. Yes, that’s right. More than a fashion accessory, shades are first and foremost a shield against UV rays.

…Play It Cool

Happy National Sunglasses Day! Yes, it’s an entire day dedicated to the ultimate practical fashion accessory. If ever there was an accessory that deserved a day of its own (at least), it’s the sunglasses.