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…feel crumby

Amongst other things, social media has brought with it a seemingly endless parade of “random” holidays celebrating just about everything under the sun. It begs the question, “If we’re celebrating everything, are we really celebrating anything?”

Still, some of these days still require our respect, so today I have to insist that we pause for the occasion, which just happens to be all about…

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…Let It Snow

SnowHappy Sunday Funday! It’s unofficially winter here at the 2WC, and we’re having a Sunday Funday snow day…which is just like a regular Sunday Funday, but with fuzzy socks, hot chocolate, and cookies (fyi – it’s also National Cookie Day).

Before we dive head first into mindless, warm and cozy entertainment, I’d like to officially remind you that there are only three weeks till Christmas. Read the rest of this entry