…Take Off

The world may be falling apart, but the good news is NASA is relaunching their astronaut space program…sort of. Patriotic astronuts of the USA received some long-awaited good news.  Today, NASA announced that it has awarded contracts to Boeing and SpaceX to fly astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS).  

…play among the stars

Every day the Internet hits new highs (and lows if we’re being honest), but none can quite compete with NASA’s latest Internet achievement. They’ve managed to achieve high-speed Internet access on the moon. With a little help from some pretty awesome lasers (but really, aren’t all lasers awesome?) NASA has achieved upload speeds of 19.44…


It’s been another bad week for climate change deniers, and an even worse one for the earth. This past Monday, two separate groups of scientists reported similar findings regarding the future of the shrinking West Antarctica ice sheet. Spoiler alert: it’s not encouraging news.

…Keep an Eye Out

Amateur astronomers of the world, NASA may have a job for you. NASA announced its “Asteroid Data Hunter” today at the South by Southwest conference. NASA is looking for citizen scientists to help locate asteroids that could pose a threat to earth.

…Take A Slice

3D printers have gained another big supporter—NASA. It seems like a natural fit. 3D printing could be a useful tool in spar exploration. It could be used to build spare parts for damage equipment, tay guns, light sabers or a variety of other things.


The end of days.  It’s a confusing and terrifying thought, and it seems everyone has something to say about it–evangelicals, ancient civilizations, R.E.M. Because, who doesn’t like inciting panic with calculations and doomsday prophesies? Now NASA is using their free time to throw their hat, or perhaps a space helmet left over from the space…