…ring true

It’s “RENT: Live” eve, crusaders. Can you feel the electricity in the air? As the excitement builds for this next live, musical experience, I thought I’d take a moment to remember those that have paved the way, some with undeniable success, others with lessons to be learned, but all wonderful in their own way.

…Tell the Story of Tonight

Tonight the Peggy Tour of, “Hamilton,” opens on the 262nd birthday of the musical’s namesake and inspiration. To put it another way, this runaway hit is about to drop “in the middle of a forgotten spot in the Caribbean.” Although, for the next two weeks (at least) Puerto Rico is very much not forgotten. For…

…throw it back

This holiday week with calendars thrown to the wind, it’s been difficult for some people (myself included) to keep track of what day of the week it is. So, today let me first say, that it’s Thursday. Okay, now that that is settled, it’s also the final Thursday of 2018, which just begs for a…

…dance to your own tune

On this, the final Friday before Christmas 2018, crusaders, I’d like to present to you a film that could not be a purer definition of a cult classic, if it tried…and it most certainly gave it its absolute all. Everything you need to know about “Anna and the Apocalypse,” the little Scottish film that did,…

…Get With The Spirit

Happy Monday! It’s just over two weeks till Christmas which means if you haven’t already it’s time to get with the spirit.