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…find magic to do

2WC Theatre

Can you feel it? An extra spark of something in the air.

Can you hear it? The faint, distant hum of orchestral accompaniment.

Can you see it? The oncoming parade of jazz squares, jazz hands, and maybe a monologue or two.

It’s Tonys Week, crusaders!

Which if you’re as big of a theater dork as we are here at 2WC, is all the #MondayMotivation you need to get through to Friday, but just in case, here’s a bit more…

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…set the stage

tony_awardCan you fee the electricity in the air? Maybe you sense some extra pep (or jazz square) in your step? Have you had the urge to break forth in song or monologue? That, folks, is the Tonys buzz.

This morning, theater fans around the world held their collective breaths as the nominees were announced for the 2017 Tony Awards. Read the rest of this entry

…let your hair down

Ttn-500_unnamed-1his What to Watch Wednesday, we return to a time-honored (for the last three years) Holiday tradition—live-tweeting NBC’s live musical.

Tonight “Hairspray Live” will face its toughest critics—the anonymous voices of Twitter… Read the rest of this entry

…rise up


Well folks, we made it! It’s the weekend before Thanksgiving, which we all know is a Christmas warm-up. There’s no better time to take a moment to take stock… Read the rest of this entry

…wait for it

xhamiltonposter-pagespeed-ic-guootjy1uhSeeing as this Flick Friday falls just two days before the Tony Awards, it seemed appropriate to take a short break from our usual summer fare, for a different sort of blockbuster. Read the rest of this entry