…Be Practical

Happy Tuesday! For those of you wondering what happened to Monday, it was canceled.

…Rush In

Welcome to the first Monday of March. To those of you enjoying March’s lion-like charm, stay safe and warm. To those with lamb-like weather, this isn’t about you. On days like this, with spring just barely out of reach, we could all use some extra layers and a little extra motivation.

…muscle through

Ah, Monday morning, a time to get revved up for the week ahead (with ALL the coffee). For some that will mean looking back at what was and wasn’t accomplished, which can be a reasonable exercise, just make sure to avoid (at all costs) the Monday morning quarterback zone.

…take a chance

Happy Monday, crusaders! And what a week we have ahead of us. Comic-Con starts Thursday, “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again” hits theaters this Friday, and really, what else matters? I think we’ve already reached maximum #MondayMotivation with those two, so let’s run with it…

…Make Over

Happy Monday, fellow crusaders! Welcome to a new week and a new look for The Two-Woman Crusade. Since 2WC is feeling all shiny and new, I thought I’d try to share that fresh and sparkly feeling. If you feel a #MondayMotivation makeover montage coming on, your instincts are spot on. Cue the cheesy gifs…

…Build Momentum

Welcome to Monday, fellow crusaders! Whether you’re feeling jazzed, dismayed, dizzy, dazed or indifferent after last night’s Tony Awards we could all use a little boost (or jazz hands?) to get the week rolling. Seeing as those of us who care about such things are coming off of a theater high, I’m taking my cue…