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…Check Yourself

Happy Monday! More importantly, happy two weeks until Christmas!

With everything that needs to get done, Mondays are extra “special” this time of year. You get the thrill of a fresh, new week mixed with the joy of an incomplete shopping list.

I get it. It can be hard to show your very best, merry self when Monday gets in the way. With that in mind, here’s your weekly pep talk with a bit of holiday flair.

Prepare to have a holly, jolly beginning of the week…whether you like it or not.

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…Work, Work, Work

Happy Cyber Monday…I mean first Monday back to work after the holiday weekend. That’s definitely what today is, and nothing else that would distract from getting the job done. Just to clarify, that “job” is work. Read the rest of this entry

…Be Corny

undefinedHappy All Hallows’ Eve Eve! Not only is today the day before Halloween, it’s also National Candy Corn Day. Yes, it’s barely more of a holiday than Halloween Eve, but it’s better than calling today by its true name — Monday.

Sorry, forget I mentioned that, and focus on the brightly colored, waxy corn-like sugar kernels with no nutritional value. Read the rest of this entry


Mondays have a reputation for being the worst. This week’s Monday is definitely living up to those extremely low expectations.

Despite their many shortcomings, Mondays have at least one redeeming quality. On this particular Monday, as we process the news of Sunday night’s shooting in Las Vegas, we could all use a reminder of the good in Mondays. Read the rest of this entry

…Ring Out

Happy Monday! Today’s motivation is all about a well-deserved rest. No, not for you. Today, Big Ben, as in the bell, rang for the last time until 2021. Read the rest of this entry