Guys, we need to have a talk. I know the anonymity of the Internet is tempting and easy to hide behind. But the truth is, even if you’re not putting your name to it, the children robot are listening…and learning…

…Crack the Window

Yesterday, Microsoft gave the world a sneak peek at the next incarnation of Windows (Windows 10 for those keeping score). The announcement was filled with plenty of exciting news, including the fact that Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for anyone running Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows Phone 8.1. Cortana is also getting some…


Since the invention of online streaming, and the later introduction original programming to this medium, the line between television and our personal and increasingly mobile devices has become increasingly blurred. Today, that line all but disappeared, when Yahoo and Microsoft announced plans to create their own original programs.

…Get Scroogled

Just over a week ago, I was singing the praises of Microsoft’s demonstration of good sportsmanship in the technology game (…Play Nice). Unfortunately, that warm and fuzzy feeling didn’t last long. Last week, Microsoft launched its new line of Scroogled merchandise.

…Play Nice

Yesterday, Sony released the highly anticipated PlayStation 4. However, they weren’t the only tech company who was looking good yesterday. In a surprising marketing move, Microsoft’s Xbox Twitter account tweeted, “Congratulations on your launch, Sony,” to its competitor.

…Get Technical

Every day, we find out more about how the government is invading our online privacy (if that’s an actual thing). It seems like we have too options just accept that our personal info is not in fact our own private property, or completely erase your Internet presence.  The first option may look like the delusional,…