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…Sleep On It

Today, I thought I’d share an obvious statement. According to pretty much every scientific study ever, and common sense, and your mother — sleep matters. What you may not know is that a good night’s sleep is essential for more than maintaining your usual, sunny disposition, it’s also impacts your mental health.

Seeing as it’s World Mental Health Day, it seems like as good a time as any to discuss the importance of treating mental health like you would any other health issue, or say, sleep deprivation. Read the rest of this entry




As we count down the final days until Halloween, it’s going to be a challenge thinking of much else.

Not only is it Halloween,  it’s a Friday Halloween, which unless you’re a student at a Catholic school, is extra awesome (it totally sucked when All Saints Day fell on a weekend). Read the rest of this entry

…take control

Image Credit:  Thomas Ohlsson Photography on Flickr

Image Credit:
Thomas Ohlsson Photography on Flickr

Poor video games have the habit of winding up the scapegoat.  There are few evils out there that haven’t been pinned on them.

Turns out when they’re not melting our brains or promoting violence (because apparently correlation does equal causation, if you’re angry, ill-informed, and louder than the level-headed among us), video games might be doing some good. Read the rest of this entry

…drive you crazy

…helping or hurting?

In other insanity-inducing news: today I present the Internet.

Last week Newsweek’s (a permanent resident of 2WC’s kitchen table…in the market for a coffee table) cover story questioned just how the Internet (and all of the time we spend on it) impacts the health of our brains. The hypothesis being that it’s not good.

I don’t doubt that the way of life and way of thinking that often goes along with excessive use of the Internet could mess with one’s head. However, you can’t blame all craziness on this wonderful (at times) tool, and such headlines encourage such thinking.

While blaming all bad things on search engines and Twitter sounds like a wonderful way to live, I’ve got to believe that independent will is stronger than that.

Plus, if the Internet really was making us all crazy, well we’d all be crazy, not sitting around wondering if we were crazy and trying to blame it on the Internet.

Although, I could be wrong, in which case thank you for risking your mental health to visit 2WC today. We appreciate your sacrifice and if it ends badly you can always say Google drove you to do it. Godspeed.


“Does the Internet Really Make Everyone Crazy?”: TIME

“Is The Web Driving Us Mad?”: Newsweek

…bi-daily smile…

…some 90’s Britney!!!


A recent study by Missouri University of Science and Technology (good ‘ol MUST…who inexplicably choose to be known as Missouri S&T) found a link between time spent online and depression.

The study specifically highlights the effect of chatting online with  mental health.  So, sitting alone in your room and chatting with people geographically removed from you for hours on end is bad for your mental health.  Who would’ve thought?

The answer is many, many people.  I can only assume this means that reading blogs gives you a perpetually sunny disposition.

This just in from a study conducted by ME, reading 2WC on a daily basis will improve your mood by 93.2%, with an 86.4% percent chance that I made that stat up.

According to all subjects tested (me), repeated exposure to 2WC followed up with sharing your love of the posts with others (in person of course, no one benefits from online chatting, weren’t you listening?) increases the chance of optimism exponentially.

Regular reading of Flick Friday (especially our…I mean 2WC’s Summer Blockbuster Series) is shown to moderate your cinematic knowledge and positively impact your small talk skills at social gatherings (the in-person ones…again) by at least 87%.

What can I say?  The numbers speak for themselves.  Now go.  Share the message with the world.  The one beyond your computer screen…seriously.


“Excessive Chatting Online Linked to Depression: Study”: Huffington Post

…bi-daily smile…