…Risk It All

Please pardon this brief interruption to your Memorial Day. I just wanted to take a moment to send out a reminder of what today is about. (Hint: It’s not barbecues and an extended weekend) Although it may not feel like it at times, we enjoy freedoms here in the U.S. that are unfathomable in other…

…Be Right Back

  Memorial Day weekend is fast approaching and with it a first for the 2WC. For the first time ever, we’re giving ourselves the weekend off. I’ll admit, the mere thought of not “being productive” for a few days has me panicking slightly, but there are different kinds of productivity…right?


Happy Memorial Day! I know today is filled with places to go and people to see, so I’ll keep this short. Today is about family, friends, and enjoying a day off, but it’s also about those who fought to make days like today possible.


Today we find ourselves in the middle of the unofficial, three-day weekend kickoff of summer. And for many that means backyard barbecues, parties to jumpstart the joys of the season. So I suspect that many of you will be celebrating a very Memorial Day #SundayFunday. Out of respect for the weekend, I’ll keep this short,…


Happy Memorial Day weekend! I know you have lots to get to (or not get to) this three-day weekend, so I’ll keep this brief. Weekends like this are about taking a break, enjoying some free time, and appreciating the people in your life. Be sure to keep that in mind as you run from barbecue…


Happy Memorial Day! I’ll keep this short and sweet, since I know you’re all enjoying what’s left of your super-sized weekend.