…say thank you

It’s Common Courtesy Day, so let me first start by saying, thank you for being here today.   It may seem like a small thing to say thank you, but it’s amazing how big of a difference those small things — please, thank you, keeping to the right when you stand on an escalator, not…


The Tonys are inching closer and closer, and at this point you may be wondering, “What else could there possibly be to discuss?”. That’s a great question, and one that is clearly being asked by someone who doesn’t love the theater. While I can certainly sympathize that for some theater is just, “not their thing,”…

…be so fetch

Today we celebrate an obscure but beloved holiday, Mean Girls Day. Yes, that “Mean Girls,” the 2004 cinematic classic. (That’s coming to Broadway in spring 2018!) The beauty of this movie is that everyone loves it for different reasons. But today I think it’s important that we remember the lesson of “Mean Girls.” Hint: It’s…

…Be Kind

Happy Mean Girls Day! Why today? Well, because it’s October 3rd. If that means nothing to you I suggest you go watch “Mean Girls” now…it’s on Netflix. Seriously, I’ll wait.

…Get Mean

 Happy Mean Girls Day! Yes, that’s right, October 3rd is dedicated to everyone’s favorite Tina Fey and Lindsay Lohan collaboration, “Mean Girls.” Why? Well, not that there needs to be a reason, but if you need one, there is this brief mention of the date from the film.

…listen up

I don’t want to call the other senses slackers, but it seems to me that the eyes are doing most of the heavy lifting. They’re the windows to the soul, we eat with them first, and now, according to a recent study, they’re listening for us too.