…reign supreme

As we embark on a new week with just one week (precisely because, yes, the Emmys are on a Monday this year) until the Emmy Awards, I feel the only suitable motivation must come from Her Majesty herself. However, in her absence, I’m more than happy to settle for the second season of “The Crown,”…

…puzzle over

The story of Alan Turing was, until the mid 70’s, a completely untold secret as a matter of national security for Great Britain. And I think it’s fair to say (sad, but fair), that until the making of “The Imitation Game” the story remained unknown to most modern audiences. But what a story it is.

…Crack the Code

“The Imitation Game,” is another Oscar hopeful this awards season that tells a complex story simply and beautifully. Director Morten Tyldum has taken the little-known, and formerly top-secret story of Alan Turing, and turned it into an inspiring and heartbreaking film.