…Just Say the Word

Hiding in the margins of “Shazam!” is a different story. It follows a pretty standard comic book narrative–unlikely hero is gifted with superhuman powers–but take a closer look at the periphery and you’ll see that this story has a little more to offer. It starts with the origin story, as any decent superhero story should….

…suit up

The “Kingsman” series was a delightful surprise to me when “Kingsman: The Secret Service” hit theaters in 2014. It’s an unexpected cross between the charm and wit of James Bond and tongue-in-cheek gore. I know, I know, it does not sound like a winning combo, but the trick to enjoying the “Kingsman” films (and really…

…puzzle over

The story of Alan Turing was, until the mid 70’s, a completely untold secret as a matter of national security for Great Britain. And I think it’s fair to say (sad, but fair), that until the making of “The Imitation Game” the story remained unknown to most modern audiences. But what a story it is.

…Crack the Code

“The Imitation Game,” is another Oscar hopeful this awards season that tells a complex story simply and beautifully. Director Morten Tyldum has taken the little-known, and formerly top-secret story of Alan Turing, and turned it into an inspiring and heartbreaking film.

…Pick A Side

Who is John Carter?  Or more importantly, what is “John Carter”? Directed by Andrew Stanton, this cinematic retelling of the Edgar Rice Burroughs’ sci-fi novel A Princess of Mars, is an epic tale told across two worlds. John Carter (Taylor Kitsch), a Civil War veteran seems to always be escaping trouble. When he finds himself suddenly…


Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy  a film directed by Tomas Alfredson and based on John le Carré’s 1974 British spy novel, is a welcome reminder of what suspense is capable of–what it can do to us and what it can do for us. First, our setting: England in the midst of the Cold War.  The head of MI6,…