Good morning, basketball fans! And an especially good morning to our East Coast readers, who I applaud for your dedication to the game. For those who didn’t tune in, the NCAA Championship Game, which already had the disadvantage of being on a Monday night, started at 9:20 eastern. And to everyone who stayed up to…

…Have a Shot

Final Four Saturday is finally here! Let the superstition, meditation, and panic commence. Whether you’re rooting for the Ramblers or your team is still in the tournament, today is a good day for basketball. Only two teams will remain standing come tomorrow morning, but for now we can enjoy the last few moments while all…


If you thought today’s crusade was going to be about anything but March Madness you obviously haven’t been following along. A quick recap for those who have fallen behind — The. Ramblers. Are. In. The. Final. Four.


Happy Friday and welcome to another weekend of March Madness. You’ll have to forgive the onslaught of Loyola school spirit, but it takes some time to adjust to the new status of “sports school.” They say it’s lonely at the top, and while the Ramblers still have a little ways to go before reaching the…

…keep breathing

I tried to come up with a pithier headline, Rambler Nation (which I presume is everyone at this point), but I think we all know today is all about remembering to breathe. In. Out. Repeat. We will get through this together. If we’ve learned anything this March, it’s that the Ramblers will keep it exciting….

…Jump Start

It’s the beginning of a new week filled with potential. If that doesn’t have you feeling motivated, let’s try a different angle. With the first weekend of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament in the books, there’s upsets and madness in the air.