…adjust your television

Happy Emmy Sunday! This year the Emmy’s return to their rightful place on Sunday night. You may recall last year the VMAs and NFL booted the Emmy Awards to Monday night.

…ad up

It’s become an inevitable and unfortunate fact of the modern age, that with every series finale comes a parade of thoughtless spoilers.

…deal with the drama

ESCAPISM (noun) : habitual diversion of the mind to purely imaginative activity or entertainment as an escape from reality or routine It’s also a term often used to explain our love of television, movies, etc. It let’s us look into the lives of others and imagine what their existence must be like. In the category of drama, that…

…give props

Well it’s time for another awards show. And regular readers know the Crusade can’t let an award show go by without acknowledging it. Plus, it being the Emmys and all you know we have an opinion…which I won’t force on you…I’ll just lay it on real thick. So in preparation for the Emmy Awards (8/7 central on…