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…take the stage


As a fan of both the stage and the small screen, I’m a fan of anything that combines the two and as you may have noticed, the trend of live theatrical performance in television has sort of caught on. What started as an annual Twitter snark-fest…I mean treasured holiday tradition…with NBC’s annual live musicals has now expanded to something of a trend as FOX joined the party with “Grease Live,” an Easter special, “The Passion,” and I’ll even count its less-than-live remake of “Rocky Horror.”

Now everyone is upping their game and there are more live and quasi-live theatrical televised events to keep track of than ever before. So, in today’s very special Theater (on television) Thursday, let’s all take a moment to catch-up and anticipate… Read the rest of this entry


…know where you’re going

Hairspray Live! - Season 1

Now four years into this holiday tradition, it feels strange to call NBC’s annual live musical broadcast an “experiment,” but that’s what it started as, and for better or worse, it’s maintained that spirit… Read the rest of this entry

…let your hair down

Ttn-500_unnamed-1his What to Watch Wednesday, we return to a time-honored (for the last three years) Holiday tradition—live-tweeting NBC’s live musical.

Tonight “Hairspray Live” will face its toughest critics—the anonymous voices of Twitter… Read the rest of this entry

…enjoy the ride

grease-live-foxThe modern incarnation of the televised musical is known as much for the accompanying snark and commentary on Twitter as it is for the performances themselves. This past December, NBC’s “The Wiz Live” finally seemed to cut down on the critical (and let’s face it, sometimes mean) commentary by putting together a truly stunning production. Last night, in its inaugural live production, FOX’s “Grease: Live” seriously raised that bar again. Read the rest of this entry

…”T” It Up

GREASE LIVE!: Logo. CR: FOX © 2015 FOX BROADCASTINGWell, it’s here. The latest and greatest live musical, television experience — Grease: Live.

Before you rev up your snark engines and warm up your Twitter accounts, I’d like to pass along a friendly reminder — be kind. Read the rest of this entry