…Fan the Flames

Hey there, my fellow nerds. It’s Comic-Con weekend, and fandoms of all kinds have descended on San Diego to collectively geek out over the latest pop culture news and reveals. For those of us not lucky to be there in person, there’s still plenty to keep us distracted and out of the heat this weekend….

…Lay a Strong Enough Foundation

As Pride Month comes to a close, I’m wishing all my LGBT sisters, brothers, nonbinary, and whatever else you identify as a wonderful final hurrah. I hope this month has made you feel even more loved and accepted, and I hope that feeling continues beyond today. Before I go any further, I just want to…

…Shut Up and Dance

There’s a lot going on in the world, but at this time and in this space today is about one thing — “Fosse/Verdon.” If you aren’t already anxiously awaiting this FX series, I’m so glad I found you (or you found me?). Either way, there’s still time to rectify this situation.

…Make No Apologies

It’s MY BIRTHDAY!!! It’s also Stephanie’s birthday, but this is my post so…it’s MY BIRTHDAY!!! Birthdays have a way of making you reflect. This birthday I’m reflecting on the things that I’m grateful for, like friends, family, and you, my fellow crusader. Yes, you. The 2WC would not exist without our fellow crusaders, and I…

…have a good laugh

It’s time we had a serious talk about a serious subject, crusaders — laughing. I know it may seem frivolous given the serious things happening around the world, but I would warrant that’s why we could all use a bit of laughter now more than ever. As the saying goes, laughter makes the best medicine….


It’s been an interesting Oscar season, to say the least.  There have been a bunch of encouraging firsts and a few head-scratching steps backward. While we could go on about the off-screen drama (and we have), tonight is about the films. It’s about their power to entertain, enlighten, and make us question. We would argue…