…gal around

Happy Galentine’s Day, crusaders! For those new to this glorious celebration of ladies, let me explain. Galentine’s Day is part of the grand tradition of holidays created in sitcoms that have found their way out into the real world, (e.g. Festivus and Chrismakkuh and Treat Yo Self Day).

…make nice

Today, I’d like to take a moment for manners. Not just because it’s National Compliment Day (although it does provide a nice excuse), but because we shouldn’t need hashtags to remind us to be kind to one another. And without getting into details, it’s been a rough few weeks for kindness. So today, let’s take…


August has officially arrived. Yes, the first death knell of summer has rung, but on the bright side, it’s Girlfriends Day! For those wondering if you need to rush out and buy something for your significant other, you can relax. “Girlfriend,” in this instance is referring to your gal pals, bff’s, sisters from different misters,…

…treat yo’ self

Pawnee, Indiana, to know it is to love it, and over the past seven seasons of “Parks and Recreation” we’ve all come to know and love this town and its inhabitants. Tonight, we bid a fond farewell to a town (and a show) that’s taught us the importance of hard work, enthusiasm, and breakfast food.