…Gain the Upper Hand

My ink-smudging, elbow-bumping, scissor-challenged southpaws, today is your day. It’s Left Hander’s Day! As a part-time leftie (softball and golf), I in no way pretend to understand your pain. In fact, sports are one of the few spaces where left-handedness is seen as an advantage. But I would argue it gives you the upper hand…

…play with the hand you’ve been dealt

This Monday, motivation is at hand (the left one to be more specific) as we celebrate the southpaws among us for National Left-Handers Day. To me,  a right-handed individual, the value of today isn’t just about apologizing to the left-handed among us who must make their way through a world made for the right-handed and…

…give a hand

Happy Left Handers Day! This one goes out to all of the eleven percenters out there!

…Give A Hand

Happy Left-Handers Day! One of my favorite obscure holidays, since it brings attention to the difficulties that nearly 10 percent of the world’s population suffer every day (usually in silence).

…Lend A Hand

On this pride filled weekend it’s important to keep in mind all groups that struggle to be treated as equal members of society. One such group has been receiving some well deserved attention thanks to a design flaw in the latest iPhone. Shortly after the release of this latest iPhone incarnation, users discovered a tiny…