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…Get the Sack

plastic bagsAs you make your way through your weekend, odds are you’ve accumulated a bit of baggage of the plastic variety.  While most of us know that these bags are bad for the environment, the fact is, they’re convenient.

Soon, that won’t be the case for Californians, thanks to a bill passed last month. Which means that soon, this staple of the American errand could be a thing of the past.

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…Reason the Season

christmas treeThanks to Texas lawmakers, Christian students if Texas are no longer being censored.

Students can now freely and proudly wear their ugly Christmas sweaters and wish their fellow students a “Merry Christmas” without fear of persecution…well, at least not for the “Merry Christmas,” the ugly sweater is another issue. Read the rest of this entry

…rage against the machine

...when appliances assemble...the coffeemaker must be behind it...

Imagine, if you will, a world where machines play a central role in our everyday lives…more than they do now…a terrifying thought perhaps, but humor me…

It’s a world where basic tasks are performed by robots, robots completely free of direct human control.  It seems quite inevitable, so prepare yourselves.

Some of you may be excited and picking out names for your android butler, others may be calling up contractors for estimates on that phaser-proof bunker in your backyard.  Either way a future with even more technology is on its way and there are many things to consider–logistically, morally, and legally.

For instance, what happens when one of those little androids rolls over the wrong toe or nudges the wrong Mercedes or worse?

With the rate of technological growth, who knows, “The State vs. R2D2” could be in our future, and in an age full of frivolous lawsuits and Roombas, I suppose it may be inevitable.

We’ve all yelled at an appliance and/or electronic, but rarely are they truly deserving of our railing.  But would a strangely anthropomorphic machine really be liable?  Would the owner be at fault? Can you sue an inanimate object?

Things to consider next time you punch your keyboard or slam your mouse…not that you would do such a thing.

The future–something to look forward to.


“New Study Asks Who’s to Blame When Robots Harm Us”: TIME

…bi-daily smile…

…take a second look

Oh the fashion trend.  Who knows when or where it will strike next.  It’s an allusive and unpredictable thing.  One minute it’s high schools full of scarves, next minute it’s courtrooms full of non-prescription hipster glasses.

There’s the end of that fad…it’s time to move on hipsters.

Did you know glasses make you look more intelligent?  So do criminal defendants and their lawyers.

Of course I’m sure this costume choice is in addition to a rock-solid case, supported by mounds of evidence and a strong desire for justice to prevail.

Apparently the elevated appearance of intelligence makes the wearer appear less intimidating.  Because what is less intimidating than intelligence?

I for one am crushed to find out in this manner that my attempt to look intimidatingly brilliant (and correct my nearsightedness), has been doing just the opposite (except for on the nearsightedness).

I shall have to work on a new plot to strike intelligence-adjacent fear into the hearts of all whom I encounter.  I suppose I could wear my glasses and carry an alarmingly tall stack of books or use only really long words.

I don’t want to take it too far.  It’s important to find that balance between evil genius and book-worm.


“‘Hipster Glasses Might Get You off the Hook in Court”: TIME

…bi-daily smile…