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…Feel the Rhythm

winter olympics fox GIF by Animation Domination High-DefOne week into the 2018 Winter Olympics there have been plenty of triumphs and disappointments. The thing about the Olympics is that at its heart it is not about winning, it’s about humanity coming together. Which is why it feels appropriate that Random Act of Kindness Day falls right in the middle.

Much like the Olympics, Random Act of Kindness Day reminds us to see the best in those around us.  Read the rest of this entry


…Take the Compliment

Hey there, you awesome fellow crusader you! It’s National Compliment Day, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to let you know just how fantastic you are.

Now don’t try to deny it. Some of us have a bit a problem accepting praise. Call it humility, or whatever you will, on National Compliment Day, it’s not allowed. Today especially, the only acceptable response to a genuine compliment–thank you. Read the rest of this entry

…Help Yourself

Happy Thanksgiving Tuesday! If you’re traveling today, safe travels, and put your phone down. If you’re prepping for hosting, God bless you, and good luck. Everyone else, it’s time to talk about food. Specifically, the food you and others will be consuming this Thursday.

Don’t worry, this won’t take long. To make it easy, I’ve come up with a short list of simple guidelines to keep in mind as you sit down with friends and family this holiday. Read the rest of this entry

…Be Kind

Happy Monday, fellow crusaders! Mondays can be hard. Thankfully, this week kicks off with a spirit booster — World Kindness Day.

The great thing about kindness is that it only takes a little to turn a day around. Which means no matter your situation, you can afford to spread it. 

Read the rest of this entry

…think on it

Today marks day four of Chicago Ideas Week, (TED-like event, for the non-Chicagoan readers), and it has me thinking, crusaders.

We live in a world full of more and more opinions, more and more places to share them, and fewer and fewer filters.

And I’m not here to say that opinions are bad, as the saying goes, we’re all entitled to them, but their value depends on how informed they are, and that bar seems to move around a lot.

But like I said, Ideas Week has me wondering what would happen if we spent less time shouting our opinions and more time listening. Would there be more room for ideas? And I mean big, world-changing ideas.  Read the rest of this entry