…enjoy the ride

The modern incarnation of the televised musical is known as much for the accompanying snark and commentary on Twitter as it is for the performances themselves. This past December, NBC’s “The Wiz Live” finally seemed to cut down on the critical (and let’s face it, sometimes mean) commentary by putting together a truly stunning production….

…”T” It Up

Well, it’s here. The latest and greatest live musical, television experience — Grease: Live. Before you rev up your snark engines and warm up your Twitter accounts, I’d like to pass along a friendly reminder — be kind.

…Stage Dive

“Rock of Ages” is a goofy, feel good musical.  Unfortunately, someone forgot to let the audience in on it. Director Adam Shankman has created a flashy over-the-top reality in which this crazy cast of characters appear to be having a blast. However, as the audience we’re left to feel like we’re not in on the…