…Be Practical

Happy Tuesday! For those of you wondering what happened to Monday, it was canceled.


Happy National Tell a Joke Day! This random holiday seems incredibly relevant in the midst of a election season that feels like it’s leading up to a not so funny punchline.


Twitter is finally putting its foot down on plagiarism…sort of. The social site has started censoring duplicates of preexisting posts. Specifically, recycled jokes.

…Take A Joke

This weekend, the future of the United States national security hangs in the balance. Why?  You might ask. Is there some meeting of great diplomats?  Has some foreign threat been made?   Is there another election, that you were completely unaware of?No, on all three counts, this threat is much closer to home, and that…

…Laugh It Off

With less than one day to go until decision time, some of you undecided voters out there might be getting a little nervous, as you should be. After all, your vote (combined with your fellow indecisive voters) could be the determining vote in this election (possibly). At this point, let’s face it, if the issues…