…Reap What You Sow

It has been quite the week for politics. Don’t worry, I’m not going to ruin your nearly-the-weekend vibes with a reminder of reality. I promise to only focus on the good news, or at least the political equivalent of good news.

…Give a Little

Welcome to daylight saving time. Today we may lose an hour but we gain a wealth of sass and snark from those struggling with the time change. A few will grumble as they reprogram their microwave, oven, and coffee makers. Some will channel their rage at Benjamin Franklin (as they should). Others will pull out…

…walk on

Happy Saturday! I hope you’ve had a productive (or relaxing, if that’s your thing) first day of your weekend. If you have any errands that needed to be completed, I hope you had success, because from here on out, television fans, it’s going to be busy. Get your walking in now, you’ve got lots of…

…be clear

As we swiftly approach the season of mindless (but fun) entertainment, there are certain assumptions made about some movies. Usually it’s fair to assume that soldier-filled film that’s released after in early April is probably spectacle-driven entertainment for the masses, but in the case of “Eye in the Sky,” that is refreshingly untrue.

…laugh it off

Happy April Fools’ Day! And of course, happy What to Watch Wednesday! Although if you have any friends or family who delight in this day, I suggest you focus on watching your back and nothing else today.


As we count down the final days until Halloween, it’s going to be a challenge thinking of much else. Not only is it Halloween,  it’s a Friday Halloween, which unless you’re a student at a Catholic school, is extra awesome (it totally sucked when All Saints Day fell on a weekend).