So far on this year’s road to the Oscars we’ve seen an immigrant’s tale in “Brooklyn,” and the “The Big Short” on Wall Street. Today, we’re going a bit further with a little science fiction and a whole lot of inspiration from “The Martian.”

…Bring It Home

With “The Martian,” director Ridley Scott has created a riveting drama that explores the ingenuity, and fighting spirit of humanity. Plus, it’s surprisingly funny. The film starts with a redefining of “worst day ever.” Following a series of unfortunate events, astronaut Mark Watney (Matt Damon) is left for dead by his crew, and stranded on Mars. With the…

…laugh it up

For lovers of stupid comedies (and I say that with love) today is a momentous occasion.

…make room

This “What to Watch Wednesday” brings the return of a 2WC television favorite.