…phone it in

On this day in 1876, Alexander Graham Bell filed his first patent for what would eventually become the telephone. Yes, the very same device you now check Instagram, Twitter, your email, Snapchat, Facebook, and text on began its journey almost a century and a half ago. Of course, one of the few things many of…

…Be Present

Welcome, my friends, to a Saturday rhyme, I thank you sincerely for taking the time. My next request might seem a bit silly– Please put down your phone. I mean it, really.

…speak for your selfie

Two days later, and many of us are still coming to terms with the lessons and results of Tuesday’s election. One party’s very happy, the other not so much, and I will be claiming neither.

…express yourself(ie)

There’s no doubt that social media is a wonderful tool. It’s made the world a smaller place, simplified tasks that were once complex, and generally changed the way we communicate with one another. Having said that, these platforms do regularly highlight some less than desirable traits of humanity. 


Everyone’s favorite government agency, has taken an interesting approach to deterring those who would try and sneak their dangerous carry-ons into the nation’s skies. No, they haven’t added yet another invasion of our privacy and personal space to the theatrical event that airport security has become. They’re using a nice healthy dose of public shame,…

…Come Up Short

With the launch of Instagram’s new video feature this past week, many social media enthusiasts declared this the death of Vine. For those of you unfamiliar with Twitter’s video app, Vine allows you to film 6 second clips that loop, this allows for some creative and entertaining video sharing. Instagram video, on the other hand,…