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“The books transported her into new worlds and introduced her to amazing people who lived exciting lives.”

~ Roald Dahl, “Matilda”

Happy Book Lovers Day! While every season is a good time to pick up a book, there’s something special about summer reading. Which is why it makes perfect sense that Book Lovers Day would fall during the summer months. Read the rest of this entry


…expecto patronum

White Mare 3.png

Welcome to the weekend, crusaders, and what a magical weekend it is… Read the rest of this entry

…Be Outrageous


“Never do anything by halves if you want to get away with it. Be outrageous. Go the whole hog. Make sure everything you do is so completely crazy it’s unbelievable…”

~Matilda, “Matilda”

 In case the quote didn’t give it away, today is Roald Dahl Day!

Today marks what would have been the beloved author’s 100th birthday, so the celebration is extra special. Read the rest of this entry

…simmer down

The human eye is a wondrous thing, but it’s nothing without the human mind.  And, sometimes that mind creates some fantastic images.

It allows us to see fluffy bunnies prance across the sky on a clear day.  We may glimpse a human face in the bark of a tree or the face of a cliff… Read the rest of this entry

…find life under the sea

The world record for number of imaginations crushed at one time was set this week as the U.S. National Ocean Service made an official statement regarding the existence of mermaids.  The aptly named NOS has now officially denied the existence of mermaids.

Do you hear that?  Is it the ocean?  No, it’s the sound of millions of little girls (and boys), and formerly little girls (and boys) singing “Part of Your World” through their sobs. That, and several million conspiracy theorists saying something cynical, but we don’t care about them.

This is their fault too.  NOS did not make some solid discovery this week that forever sealed the never-was fate of this mythical creature, thus prompting them to make an official statement, thus pushing them to forever condemn these sea-people to their present status of non-existence.  No.  They were pushed, by viewers of Animal Planet’s: Monster Week, and more specifically their special: Mermaids: the Body Found.

Apparently some of the depictions of mermaids were so real that viewers felt compelled to seek government advice on the matter.  Remember the good old days when people looked for mermaids by going to the ocean not by sending e-mails to government-run organizations.  Lazy and crazy, not a good combination.

Regardless, I think we know who really is to blame here.  Animal Planet, how could you?


“U.S. Government Confirms: There Are No Mermaids”: TIME

Official Statement from NOS

…bi-daily smile…