Well guys, it’s happening, the Hunger Games theme park of your dreams? (I’m going with nightmares on this one.) I’ve shared my thoughts on a Hunger Games theme park before, way back when the park was mere rumors, but now the odds are definitely in its favor.


Transforming a beloved book series into a film is never an easy task. There will be haters who quote the book to you, pointing out each and every derivation from the original plot and story. The truth is that a movie is inherently different from a book and changes must be made in the transformation….

…weigh the odds

The world of Panem may soon no longer be confined to the pages of the Hunger Games trilogy. Don’t worry we’re not about to descend into some kind of dystopian future, but you will be able to visit it on vacation. Rumors of plans for a Hunger Games theme park have begun. I know we…