…carry on

From its first familiar notes to the final sweeping shot of the Crowley family home we all know and love so well, one thing is clear. This next chapter of “Downton Abbey” is no epilogue and it’s certainly not going to pretend to be anything more than it is — one super-sized, long-awaited episode (now…

…Give Paws

I’m declaring it a Paddington Bear Saturday. Why? Well, we’ll get to that. This marmalade loving bear from darkest Peru has captured many a heart over the years. And over the past year “Paddington 2” has captured more than a few nominations.

…grin and bear it

This Friday we find ourselves on the very edge of Oscar season, crusaders. Film buffs are getting their final thoughts in before the nominees are announced next Tuesday, everyone is eager to see what this year’s select few will be. Everyone has their own opinions and their own award prediction litmus tests. There are the Golden…

…see what I see

Merry Christmas Eve Eve! We’re fewer than 48 hours out from Christmas, and I am finished Christmas shopping!

…look after

As anyone who’s familiar with this classic tale would suspect, the movie “Paddington” takes us from the deep jungles of darkest Peru to the streets of London, and is absolutely charming the whole way.

…Count Down(ton)

This Sunday, you can feel the excitement and anticipation in the air. If you listen closely you can almost hear that familiar melody wafting through the air, the clang of the dressing gong, and, of course, the ring of those beloved servant bells. If you listen closer, you can hear the fading grumbling from an…