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Getting back to “normal” after the Oscars is never an easy task, but this year “normal” seems to be a relative term and the struggle is real.

So, today, I thought in order to move forward it might be worth taking a moment to look back, specifically at all of the national holidays missed during the countdown to the Oscars.

Because every holiday means something to someone. Call them random, but I’d say we’re pretty lucky to live in a world where National Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day is a thing… Read the rest of this entry


…lay all your love

Today crusaders we’re confronted with conflicting holidays. It’s a real battle of the head versus the heart, you might say, as Valentine’s Day, a day dedicated to candy and cards, stares down Ash Wednesday, a day marking the start of the penitent season of Lent.

What a dilemma.

Of course, seeing as the full holiday is Saint Valentine’s Day we could take the opportunity to explore the religious foundation of the since commercialized holiday (spoiler alert: it doesn’t end well for St. Valentine).

Or we could take a break from this bleak winter weather to reflect on a timeless story of sacrifice, friendship, and forgiveness.

By which I am of course referring to the cinematic classic, “Mamma Mia.”

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…take a bite

Another day, another obscure celebration, crusaders.

Today, the chocolate cake gets its day in the sun (not literally, it would melt) for National Chocolate Cake Day.

I know at times it can seem that we, as a society, may have gone overboard on the “national days,” but would you really deprive chocolate cake of the honor?
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…reverse it

Happy Opposite Day! (Or is it?)

I’ll skip over the fact that this day revered by school children the world over cannot (by its own definition) exist. Think about it. The rules of the day negate the day itself.

I know it’s mindblowing…but in honor of the paradox, I thought we could all stretch out minds today and consider the opposite.

Not the opposite of stretching out minds, mind you, but the opposite of our minds, by which I mean those out there with views that are oppositional to our own. Read the rest of this entry

…let the good times roll


Happy New Year! I hope 2018 is treating you well so far.

For some today marks the end of the holiday season, which just seems like a rotten way to start a new year, so I’m going to vote that we keep the festive spirit going as long as it will last us. Read the rest of this entry