…Make it Work

Happy Labor Day! Today we celebrate all those who work hard every day (including this national holiday). I’ll keep this short and sweet since we all have places to go, people to see, and (for those who don’t get today off) work to do.

…Yet Wave

Is there anything worse than having to return to the daily grind right after a holiday? The obvious answer is yes, there are a lot of things that are worse. Not having anything worth celebrating, for one (Also, war, famine, and I think I’ve made my point). However, for those still nursing an Independence (or…

…Mix Things Up

Holiday weeks can be a little awkward no matter what. So when the Fourth of July lands on Wednesday, it has the potential to completely disrupt your week. By claiming Wednesday as a day to celebrate it robs the other days of their purpose.


Happy Memorial Day! I know today is filled with places to go and people to see, so I’ll keep this short. Today is about family, friends, and enjoying a day off, but it’s also about those who fought to make days like today possible.


Happy Memorial Day weekend! I know you have lots to get to (or not get to) this three-day weekend, so I’ll keep this brief. Weekends like this are about taking a break, enjoying some free time, and appreciating the people in your life. Be sure to keep that in mind as you run from barbecue…