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Happy National Grilled Cheese Day! This beloved comfort food should be celebrated everyday, but that won’t stop me from taking a moment to sing its praises today.

Its brilliant simplicity is what makes it so beloved. Only requiring bread, butter, and cheese, even the most challenged of cooks can manage to get it right (most of the time). Read the rest of this entry



Happy National Walk to Work Day! Odds are you’ve already made it to work at this point and/or your commute is far too long to even consider walking. But that doesn’t mean you can’t participate.

Read the rest of this entry

…Luck Out

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I’ll keep this short and sweet since I know there’s a lot of parades, day drinking, and other green-clad fun to take part in.

Outside of knowing how to cut loose, the Irish have a few other skills. If you’re several beers in they may be hard to think of so I’ll help get you started. Read the rest of this entry

…Take the Compliment

Hey there, you awesome fellow crusader you! It’s National Compliment Day, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to let you know just how fantastic you are.

Now don’t try to deny it. Some of us have a bit a problem accepting praise. Call it humility, or whatever you will, on National Compliment Day, it’s not allowed. Today especially, the only acceptable response to a genuine compliment–thank you. Read the rest of this entry

…Know Nothing

Happy National Nothing Day! That’s National Nothing Day as in the celebration of “nothing,” or the absence of something, not as in there’s nothing that happens today.

I realize that might have just added to any confusion. We live in a world where “nothing” seems to have disappeared. Thanks to smart phones and the onslaught of instant entertainment everywhere, the peace and quiet of doing nothing is a forgotten luxury. Read the rest of this entry