If you’re a would-be holiday baker, who just can’t seem to find the motivation this year, today is your lucky day. Forget the cheer, joy, and general pleasure of baking holiday cookies,  Earth needs you.

…make merry

It’s 11 days to Christmas, and with all of the excitement around “Peter Pan Live” and the film awards season about to kick into high gear (it’s 11 days until “Into the Woods,” too) we have slightly neglected our usual Christmas celebrations.

…bless us everyone

Christmas (and “Les Misérables” of course) is upon us.  Christmas is a time for family and friends, good food and good fun, and taking a break from the daily norm to appreciate all that we have. I acknowledge that not everyone loves the holiday, and with all of the lights, Santas, and songs being thrown at…

…haul out the holly

It’s the final weekend before Thanksgiving, and the annual Christmas debate is in full swing.  Everyone seems to be complaining or commenting on the same question—How early is too early?…for holiday decorations. For the sake of full disclosure: our Christmas tree went up yesterday.  And for the sake of even fuller disclosure: Bing Crosby is…