…let your heart be light

I warned you. I said it would happen. And here we are, one month after the six months until Christmas celebration (i.e. Leon Day), celebrating Christmas in July. So, grab your jingle bells and let’s do this…

…rise above

We’re a mere week away from Christmas Eve, it’s time to fly, crusaders. And if you’re looking for some motivation as you take off towards greatness this week, here’s a bit of history to help you reach those heights: On this day in 1903, the Wright Brothers first achieved flight.

…let it shine

Today marks the official start of the holiday season for the city of Chicago with the annual lighting of Michigan Avenue. And while the lights, in this case, are literal, it’s also a good time to remember to keep your own metaphorical light shining this holiday season. There’s plenty to be cheerful about this time…

…find your holiday spirit

Halloween is officially over, which can only mean one thing… It’s this GIF’s time to shine… Ready or not Christmas time is HERE!!! I know to the children of summer and fall, it may feel too soon, but honestly be thankful most of us keep our out-of-season, holly-jolly moments to ourselves until November 1 hits….

…look a lot like Christmas

Happy Saturday, crusaders! I hope this festive holiday weekend is bringing you thoughts of peace and goodwill towards others, but seeing as we are only a week (and two days) away from Christmas, I acknowledge that your state of mind might be closer to this… And that just will not do.


Merry Christmas! However you celebrate today, I wish you all a fabulous day far away from the Internet…