…find your holiday spirit

Halloween is officially over, which can only mean one thing… It’s this GIF’s time to shine… Ready or not Christmas time is HERE!!! I know to the children of summer and fall, it may feel too soon, but honestly be thankful most of us keep our out-of-season, holly-jolly moments to ourselves until November 1 hits….

…get pumped

Happy First Day of Fall, crusaders! I know not everyone is thrilled to see summer go and today can be one of mixed emotions. For some, it’s the beginning of the countdown to next summer…

…look a lot like Christmas

Happy Saturday, crusaders! I hope this festive holiday weekend is bringing you thoughts of peace and goodwill towards others, but seeing as we are only a week (and two days) away from Christmas, I acknowledge that your state of mind might be closer to this… And that just will not do.

…do jolly well

Happy weekend, crusaders! This Saturday we find ourselves on the first weekend of December, and the second day of everyone’s Advent calendars, and day two of the most wonderful time of the year—25 Days of Christmas. It’s also that special window where even the Scrooges among us can no longer say that it’s “too early” for…

…giddy up

Today, crusaders, we find ourselves between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, a crucial point in the holiday shopping season. The pros have, I’m sure, been finished for weeks, while the rest of us are now realizing we should probably start thinking about starting. But this Sunday, which is apparently Shopping Reminder Day, I think we…