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…Need A Hero

Related imageAs another season of, “The Walking Dead,” comes to a close, it’s time to reflect. This little zombie show that could has come a long way in the past eight seasons.

While its fan base remains incredibly supportive and loyal, it’s hard not to admit the show has had its highs and lows over the past eight years. As we approach another finale tomorrow night, it’s in desperate need of a hero. Read the rest of this entry


…Hit Turbulence

Looks like smooth sailing with a slight chance of crazy.

No doubt you’ve already heard all about the stressed JetBlue flight attendant, and his dramatic departure into unemployment.

I’ll admit that Steven Slater has some style.  I mean grabbing a beer and jumping out the emergency ramp.  You  don’t get much more dramatic than that.

I understand why he’s being hailed as a working class hero.  His spontaneity, it is inspirational to those who hate their jobs.  Plus it makes for some entertaining news.

What I don’t get is why no one is discussing the stupidity of this decision.  Yes, that’s right, I said it.  What Slater did was stupid.

There’s been plenty of contradictory eye-witness accounts about what set him off, but not much on how this rash decision is going to come back to haunt Slater.

However, lets fast forward to a week from now when the press has moved, and we the news consumers have all but forgotten about this story.

Guess who will not have forgotten about Slater’s little outburst, well, every single search engine you can think of.

And unfortunately for him, that’s probably the first tool most of his prospective future employers will use when deciding if they’re going to hire him.

Believe it or not, “freaked out on the job”  and “turned a bad day at the office into a media frenzy” do not look good on the resumé.

To those of you inspired by this story feel free to continue calling Mr. Slater, a “hero.”  Just keep in mind that you might want to switch out the “working class” for a more accurate title.

Although, given the current state of “reality” television, Slater may be re-employed sooner than you might think.


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