…Get Cheesy

There’s nothing like a holiday season diet. Whether you’re the one attempting it, or the one who gets to hear about it, it usually leads to some serious bah-humbug vibes. Thankfully, for both halves of this “grinchy” situation, I have some good news. Make that great news. Eating cheese may actually be good for you!

…Walk It Off

Happy National Walking Day! It may seem like a silly thing to have a holiday. If we’re going to celebrate walking, we might as well celebrate breathing or standing up and sitting down day. Still, I suppose this original mode of transportation deserves at least a little respect honor. In honor of its day of recognition, here’s some…

…Find Balance

We’re a week into the new year, and if your resolution is to eat better, I have some bad news — they changed the rules. “They,” of course, means the federal government, who announced their new dietary guidelines today. So, how badly did they screw up your diet for the new year?

…sip with care

There are certain things in life that you can never have too much of. You know, like chocolate, kittens, reruns of “The Big Bang Theory” (they only improve with each viewing), and reports reminding us all that our morning coffee addiction (I mean routine) is actually good for us. So pour yourself another cup of…


As we head into flu season, it’s fitting that today is Global Handwashing Day. Just to be clear, today promotes awareness of the benefits of washing your hands multiple times every day…not just today.