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 jack the nightmare before christmas nightmare before christmas jack skellington GIFWelcome to the beginning of the holiday season! I realize your Halloween candy stash is still intact, and your jack-o’-lantern hasn’t made it to the compost heap yet. It’s cute that you think that will stop the holiday season from starting today.

Before you roll your eyes (again), just know that some of us have held back on our holiday season enthusiasm until today. So, be thankful you haven’t been listening to “Silver Bells” and “Holly, Jolly Christmas” for the past month already.

Now before you get on your “we still have Thanksgiving,” soapbox, let me ask you—why can’t we have our pumpkin pie, and eat our Christmas cookies too?

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…believe in spooks


It’s here, folks, the one day of the year where it’s perfectly acceptable for full-grown adults to go out in dressed as their favorite, spook, superhero, pop culture icon, and I think you get the point. Happy Halloween!

I suppose there are a few exceptions…but apart from Comic-Con…Wizard-Con…Star Wars Day, each and every movie release (ever)…and okay, just about every day…. Read the rest of this entry

…Be Corny

undefinedHappy All Hallows’ Eve Eve! Not only is today the day before Halloween, it’s also National Candy Corn Day. Yes, it’s barely more of a holiday than Halloween Eve, but it’s better than calling today by its true name — Monday.

Sorry, forget I mentioned that, and focus on the brightly colored, waxy corn-like sugar kernels with no nutritional value. Read the rest of this entry

…trick and treat

Happy Sunday, crusaders, and welcome to a very Halloween #SundayFunday. As we prepare for Tuesday’s festivities and perhaps recover from this weekend’s revelries, I hope you’re able to take a moment to enjoy.

But before we get to the treats, let’s take a moment for the tricks. Halloween is the perfect time for frightful fun, but somewhere along the way fear mongering worked its way in there too with the annual tradition of hypothesizing about all of the terrible things that could happen among the tricks and treats. Read the rest of this entry

…creep up

2WC Film Halloween

Crusaders, Halloween weekend is here! Can you believe it? Seeing as it’s Friday that means it is time to get serious about your Halloween movie options.

Of course, there will be plenty of options to catch “Hocus Pocus,” especially with the 24-hour marathon Freeform has planned for Halloween, but today I thought I’d take a look beyond the 13 Days fare for some other frightful (in a variety of ways) films. Read the rest of this entry