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…Give Me A…?

It’s finally here.  After months of hardship, trials and tribulation it all comes down to this—Glee is back!

Just kidding, it’s Super Bowl Sunday (and Glee is back)!

Of course, the most dedicated fans know that something will be missing from this year’s Super Bowl.

There will be a little less electricity in the air, a little less pep in the step of the millions of fan.

Because this year the cheerleaders were booted from the event. 

Hopefully the fans at the stadium will be able to soldier on. 

God knows they may find themselves lost at times, not sure if it’s appropriate to cheer.

But somehow we’ll make it through. 

The good news is there will still be plenty of cheerleaders in the post-game entertainment (Glee), which I’m sure all the die-hard fans will be tunning in for.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday, and go Packers!

…sorry Steelers’ fans, had to pick a side.


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…just for fun:


…Hang Tight

Don't go into the light!

As I’m sure you’ve surmised from the title and artwork for today’s blog, it’s time for another chapter in the Eddie Saga.

It’s been a little while since the last Eddie update.  If you need a refresher, or if (gasp!) you haven’t read parts one and two, here are some links to help you catch up: part 1 and part 2.  I’ll wait…

Ready?  Okay, then I’ll begin…

When last we heard from Eddie he was on a rescue mission to Vermont with thousands of his closest friends.  As it turns out the situation wasn’t quite as dire as previously thought (oops).  In fact, all of Eddie’s family and friends are still alive and well and hibernating in the caves of Vermont (and a bit peeved they got woken up).

Eddie did contemplate spending the winter in Vermont, but he just couldn’t bring himself to miss out on winter in Wisconsin.

As you already know Eddie is a huge sports fan.  Earlier this year he got an only slightly spine shattering high five from one of his basketball heroes, Manu Ginobili.

Being a bat from the north, Eddie’s heart truly lies with winter sports.  And what sport says winter more than hockey (sorry curling fans).

This past week, as an early Christmas present to himself, and to celebrate the fifth night of Chanukah, Eddie bought tickets to see his favorite junior hockey team, the Green Bay Gamblers take on the Cedar Rapids RoughRiders.

After what happened at the Spurs game, Eddie promised himself that he would stay in his seat and just watch the game.  Well, that didn’t happen.   Eddie is more a hands on kind of sports fan, and lets just say things got a little out of hand.  By that I mean, he made the local news that night and the national news by Wednesday:Bat on the ice.

Lucky for Eddie, he got some ice on those bruises right away.  It was touch and go for a little while.  He’s small and mighty, but he took quite a beating.

For now, Eddie is recuperating and lying low while this whole thing blows over (hopefully, that restraining order was just talk).  He’s going to let PETA work it all out.

With any luck, Eddie will be fully recovered and off on his next adventure in no time.  Until then, hang tight.